Before You Visit Mariandale…


We would like to welcome you and your group to The Mariandale Center.

Here are some of the interesting facets of Mariandale that you can expect to see and experience during your stay here:

  • 61-acre grounds and campus filled with nature and contemplative space to explore individually or with a friend.
  • The Seven-Circuit Labyrinth, just past the main visitor parking lot, is an archetypal symbol of the life/spiritual journey, a trust walk in search of the inner true self or the Divine, and a renewed understanding of life’s meaning and purpose.
  • The Juniper Healing Hut, designed by David Robinson, founder of Natural Edge, and former director of Restoration for Central Park in New York City. The juniper wood to make the Hut was hand chosen by David and during the process the wood was endowed through prayer, with healing properties, so that all who enter may receive blessings.
  • The Nature Trail, which winds along the perimeter of the property. This wood-chipped path offers benches for rest and reflection, and a peaceful, tree-lined environment for your walk.
  • Swimming Pool and Picnic Grounds overlook the Hudson River and can accommodate upwards of 40 guests. Swimming is only permitted with on-duty lifeguards.
  • The Bee Yard, located in close proximity to the Juniper Healing Hut. Anyone interested in visiting this area to get a closer look at how Mariandale helps pollination thrive in our ecosystem can do so by visiting our Main Reception Services, and requesting a supervised ‘Bee Tour’ by our knowledgeable beekeepers.

Did you know that pollinators come in all shapes and sizes? Over 100,000 invertebrate species — such as bees, moths, butterflies, beetles, and flies — serve as pollinators worldwide. At least 1,035 species of vertebrates, including birds, mammals, and reptiles, also pollinate many plant species.

What to Bring to Mariandale

  • Personal Toiletries (mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash shampoo and conditioner, we provide bar soap)
  • As we provide a limited number of hairdryers per floor, you are welcome to bring your own
  • A swimming towel, if you wish to use the swimming pool (or you can purchase a signature Mariandale plush towel in our Resource Room on the ground level)
  • Insect Repellant for nature walks
  • Suncreen/Sunblock (optional), if you wish to use the Swimming Pool, or sunbathe
  • If you have dietary allergies, and you need special snacks, please feel free to bring them.
  • Binoculars, if you enjoy bird watching or star gazing. Mariandale has more than 30 species of birds visiting our 61 acres of land.

Mariandale Visitor Policies

  1.  ARRIVAL: Upon arrival, please be sure to check in with our front desk personnel so
    that we are aware of your arrival and needs to better assist you during your stay.
  2. DOOR CODE: See your Group Leader for the Door Code.
  3. SECURITY: We have security personnel at the front desk throughout the evening.
  4.  WI-FI: Connect to: Retreat and password: is mariandale (all lower case).
  5. PARKING: Please be sure to park your vehicle/buses in the Visitors’ Parking lot.
  6. MEAL TIMES: Meal times are as follow in our Main Dining Room (ground floor):
    Breakfast: 8:00 am-9:00 am, Lunch: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm, Dinner: 6:00 pm-7:00 pm
  7.  SMOKING: Mariandale Retreat & Conference Center is a SMOKE-FREE BUILDING.
    The ONLY designated area allowable to smoke is outside the north entrance, (the door
    at the opposite end of the hall from the shield door).
  8. ACCOMMODATIONS: If you need to change bedrooms for any reason, you must
    request this modification through our front desk personnel. You will receive 2 towels,
    please feel free to bring any additional from home if necessary.
  9. FIRE SAFETY: If the fire alarm sounds, YOU MUST evacuate the building immediately;
    please DO NOT use the elevators.
  10. SNACKS/BEVERAGES: Coffee/tea/water and fruit are available in the dining room at all
    times. Please DO NOT bring beverages, other than water to carpeted rooms. NO food is
    allowed in the bedrooms, any beverages brought up must be properly discarded
    immediately after consumption.
  11. CONDUCT: Please be as quiet as possible in the bedroom areas. NO cell phones, loud
    talking, and please close doors quietly etc. For dialogue/conversation, please feel free to
    converse on the ground level or first floor.
  12. DEPARTURE: Bedrooms must be vacated at 11:00 am promptly on the morning of
    your departure. Please strip the bed, (leave the mattress pad on). Place soiled sheets,
    towels and face cloths in the pillow case and leave them outside your bedroom door.
    Please DO NOT re-make your bed.
    Note: There are extra blankets, towels, and a pillow in the closets. There are also thermostats
    near the door to assure a comfortable room temperature.

Services Available During Your Stay

Wellness Services

The Mariandale Center works with certified specialists who offer Healing Touch and Massage sessions by appointment.

To schedule a session with one of our certified experts in our Wellness Room, please e-mail Karen, or call 914-941-4455 (ext. 106), prior to your visit. Mariandale’s Wellness Services will enhance your visit and help you in the healing and relaxation process.

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