Journey of Awakening: Franciscan Joyfulness through St. Francis of Assisi’s Iconic Prayers

This two-part, interactive workshop series invites you to experience a Franciscan path to life. We will explore St. Francis of Assisi’s The Peace Prayer (Make Me an Instrument of Peace) and the Canticle of All Creatures as Franciscan examples of complementarity.

Complementarity is a Franciscan principle of life and fertility, presenting the beauty of nature and in our daily lives. We will discover the dynamic relationship of conflicting forces working in creative tension to awaken new life within. The sessions will incorporate prayer, music, journaling, contemplative reflection, mindfulness exercises, and the use of the labyrinth on the grounds at Mariandale to awaken your joyfulness from within.

PART 1: Reflect on the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi: Make Me an Instrument of Peace
Date & Time: Wednesday, Oct. 4, 7:15 to 9 pm

PART 2: Reflect on The Canticle of All Creatures, Known as The Canticle of Brother Sun
Date & Time: Wednesday, Nov. 8, 7:15 to 9 pm

Presenter: Gae Savino, LCSW
Fee: $20 per session; $35 for both sessions

Please register and pay in full by Oct. 1


Dominican Views of Evolution and Eco-Spirituality

Today we have a scientific story of creation but we have not learned how to connect this new story to our search for spiritual fulfillment. We have not integrated this story into our lives as believers and seekers.” — Chet Ramo

Join a lively reader’s discussion group designed for those who desire to be seekers and speakers of truth. Participants will be introduced to basic Dominican principles and values that underlie our call
to continual study and reflection/contemplation of current world realities. We will try to integrate the new unfolding revelations of God about our role in fostering the common good of all creation.
The following book excerpts or articles will be given to you prior to each monthly Tuesday session.

Date & Time: One Tuesday per month, from 1 to 3 pm, on these dates:

Sept. 12: “The Holy Web: Church and the New Universe Story,” by Cletus Wessels, OP
Oct. 3: “Living the New Story,” by Miriam Therese Mc Gillis, OP
Nov. 7: “Earth Spirituality in the Dominican Tradition,” Sharon T. Zayac, OP
Dec. 5: “Eco-Justice: An Emerging Consciousness,” Patricia Siemen, OP, JD
Jan. 9: “Education and Activism: Regarding a Right Relationship with Earth,”– Dominican Sisters of the North East, Earth Council

Facilitator: Nancy Erts, OP
Fee: $80 for series of five, or $20 per session
Please register and pay in full by Sept. 10


On Care of Our Common Earth

“I urgently appeal for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. We need a conversation that includes everyone since the environmental challenge we are undergoing and its human roots, concern, and affect us all.”  (Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ encyclical)

Join others in individual and communal reflection on Pope Francis’ letter to all people; focusing on the call to a new spirituality that enables us to think and act on behalf of the living Earth. The major themes in Laudato Si’ that we will explore are: eco-spirituality, contemplative attitudes and practices, integral ecology, sustainability issues, and action steps, available resources for healing, and repair of Sacred Earth.

This semi- silent retreat includes time outside to walk, sit, swim, and relate with beings in nature.

Time: Sunday, Aug. 13 at 5 pm to Saturday, Aug. 19 at 11 am

Presenters: Nancy Erts, OP and Carol DeAngelo, SC

Fee: $525 (includes all meals)

Registration deposit $75, full payment due by August 3



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