Haunted By God: Reflections on Film

This silent guided week will combine morning presentations on being ‘haunted by God’ with evening films that offer key insights through the visual art of storytelling (with open film discussions for those interested. Presentations will ‘touch back into’ themes in refreshed-revitalized ways in order to notice: “Where am I today? What is God inviting me to now in my spiritual journey?”

We will be invited to “pray anew” with the God of Love who “haunts” us (in the most profound sense of that word/Word). New prayer suggestions, films, songs, and insights will accent: God’s call within a prayerful/contemplative life of service; connections between passion and mysticism; ever-deepening challenges in the Life of Love; links between ‘life transitions’ and “Spirit-transformations”; the “love for mercy” and the “mercy of love”; our ongoing growth in compassionate, just, peaceful living. Please bring a Bible and a notebook/journal.

Date & Time: Monday, Oct. 16 to Sat., Oct. 21 at 1 pm (includes all meals)
Presenter: Michael Laratonda, FMS
Fee: $550 (includes meals)
Registration deposit is $75; full payment due by Oct. 6


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