Arts Initiatives

ArtsMariandale is committed to providing space and material for artistic experiences. Our artistic retreatants learn to quilt, make collages, or watercolor in our Creativity Center. They are all part of transformational work that allow for the free and uninhibited expression of our deeper selves.

Our spaces for artistic expression are not meant for the profession, but for those who allow themselves to dabble and play freely. The paths to inner freedom are many, and art is one of the best means.

Hands for Hope

Our Hands for Hope program creates handmade quilts to donate to local ministries for the economically disadvantaged. The Center also offers art journaling, creative doodling, Creativity Days, and artistic retreats for people of all skill levels.

Creative Writing

Starting in 2016, Mariandale will offer creative writing programs, first focusing on poetry and branching out to creative writing and journaling workshops. See our Program Calendar for the Fall 2016 poetry programs in September and October.

Unplugged Creativity Days

In 2016, we offer the “Unplugged Creativity Days,” where people come away to the Center for a day or a week to paint, draw, write, photograph, or to become inspired. Guests at the Center enjoy a comfortable, private room with three delicious meals a day, and most importantly, the time and space to  find inspiration and the creative voice in the quiet environment.

Pottery Programs in the Works…

In 2017, we will have our pottery wheel and kiln available for retreatants.

For more information on our arts initiatives and programs, please visit our Program Calendar, or contact Donna Brunell, OP, Arts Programs Specialist, at

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