Environmental Initiatives

ROARAdvocating for environmental justice is one of the Mariandale Center’s most pressing commitments. Co-Op for Earthsake is Mariandale’s multi-faceted environmental protection program that supports global and local causes, including the greatest threat: climate change.

Co-Op for Earthsake seeks to remind others that Earth is a sacred subject and living organism worth relating to as a mentor, teacher, and healer. Through direct experience with the natural world, people of all ages, beliefs, cultures and economies are invited to a range of activities from contemplative listening to work on the land.

Walking the Land

We have walked with a Native American woman, with our Mariandale staff, and with other Dominican women. Together, we learn to listen to the sounds around and above us, the sights, shapes, textures, names and stance of the trees, the contours and texture of the land and how it speaks to us of its’ gifts and its needs. We have walked with homeless adults, persons with special needs, children and families. We witness how attentive and alive and quiet people get as they become aware of this awesome planet and how relaxed and restored they become as they relate to Mother Earth and absorb the wonders of the natural world.


For more information on Mariandale’s environmental initiatives and programs, please contact Bette Ann Jaster, OP, Environmental Programs Specialist, at bajaster@mariandale.org

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