Update on Saturday, March 2:

Br. Don Bisson’s 10am program, Political Chaos Series Continues:The Gospels: Journey toward the Common Good, is canceled, due to weather conditions. You will be notified of re-scheduling or refunds by our Registrar.

General Information on Weather, Cancellations, and Emergencies

Writing Tuesday and Meditation 101, scheduled for Feb. 12 at the Mariandale Center, are canceled due to predicted snow and ice conditions.

In the event of a snowstorm or other severe weather emergency, the Center and its operations will remain open. However, presenters may choose to cancel their programs if attendees are coming from a distance, or if weather conditions are questionable.

Up-to-date information on specific conditions at the Center, program cancellations, or program delays will be available on the Mariandale Center’s website ( and the Mariandale Facebook page (, if Internet connectivity is available.

Please do not call the main Mariandale Center phone, as the information on the message there will not be updated and the Registrar may not be in the office.

Program Presenters’ and Organizers’ Responsibilities

Sponsored program presenters should email Mariandale  staff at to decide whether a program will be held, delayed, or canceled.  (Mariandale Center  staff will have final say in a program’s cancellation in bad weather situations.)

Once the decision is made, a Mariandale staff member will email the individual program attendees, if the program is delayed or canceled. This information will also be available on the Mariandale website ( and the Mariandale Facebook ( page.

If the program is held, and attendees choose not to attend, no refunds can be made. If Mariandale cancels the program, we will refund the deposit or fees.

Hosted, or contracted program Organizers should email the Mariandale Operations Coordinator at to decide whether a Hosted event will be held or to canceled. (Once again, Mariandale Center  staff will have final say in a program’s cancellation in bad weather situations.) Organizers will be responsible for contacting their group members individually.

Should the program be canceled, Mariandale will offer an alternate time slot for postponement, but that date will be subject to availability at the Center, and may not be possible to re-schedule for six months or more. If the Organizer chooses not to re-schedule, no refunds will be made.

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