These are the rates for accommodations, meals, and meeting rooms at The Mariandale Center:

Group Package Rates (per person)

  • Day program/weekend: (Morning coffee with baked goods, meeting room, and lunch):  $65
  • Day program/weekday: (Morning coffee with baked goods, meeting room, and lunch):  $55
  • Overnight stay/weekend (F-Su) (Dinner, private guest room overnight, meeting room, breakfast, lunch):  $125
  • Overnight stay/weeknight (M-Th) (Dinner, private guest room overnight, meeting room, breakfast, lunch):  $115
  • Weekend stay (Dinner on Friday to Sunday lunch, meeting space, guest room for two nights):  $235
  • Youth Retreats:  $22 per day,  per person, includes lunch

Meals a la Carte (per person)

  • Breakfast: $7 cold, $9 hot (includes beverages, breakfast foods)
  • Lunch:  $12 (includes beverages, hot buffet lunch, salad bar, dessert)
  • Dinner:  $15 (includes beverages, hot buffet dinner, salad bar, dessert)
  • Breaks:  $8 and up; can include coffee, tea, water, baked goods, and fruit.

Meeting Spaces, Pool, and Picnic Areas (per hour)

  • Evergreen Room:   $75
  • Chapel:  $75
  • Wellspring Room:  $60
  • River, Hudson, Garden, Meadow Rooms and Preaching Library:  $55 per hour
  • Parlors: Siena, Emmaus, Journeyers Rooms:  $40 per hour
  • Dining Room used as meeting room:  $75 per hour (not available from 8-9am or 12-1pm)
  • Pool:  $75 pool use + lifeguard fee=  $100
  • Picnic Grounds alone :  $50
  • Pool and Picnic Grounds combined:  $125 per hour


  • Massage, Healing Energy sessions:  $60 to $80 per session

Please send an email to wellness@mariandale.org at least one week before your desired appointment, to reserve time with our certified providers.

Please ask about our catering services for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and cocktail parties.

Rates are valid and effective as of March 1, 2019.

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