Contemplative Formation

In our hearts, we are all potential mystics.— Henri Nouwen

This highly popular program at the Center at Mariandale is for all those who yearn to live from a centered place, those desiring to bring the fruits of stillness into their ministries, and for those who wish to be in the company of others who also are serious about awakening to deeper consciousness in a life of prayer.

The program, which has been called life-changing by many, has served over a hundred and fifty adults of varying denominations by providing a unique experiential opportunity that is grounded in the richness of silence and the Christian tradition. Through various contemplative practices of stillness and with the support of a community of other contemplatives, participants will explore such topics as The Transformative Journey; Holy Listening and Discernment; Love and Conscious Suffering; Healing, Compassion and Gratitude; and Contemplative Life and Ministry.

Team:  Don Bisson, FMS, Janet Corso, Gaynell Cronin, and Jack Rathschmidt, OFM Cap.

More information will be made available when we are planning the next Contemplative Formation program. Currently, the 2022 program in underway.  If you have questions about future programs, please email Janet Corso at 

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