Enjoy the accommodations with a stay at Mariandale, and experience the peace and comfort of our Center. Mariandale offers 44 comfortable, private guest rooms on the second and third floors, with elevator access.

All of our guest rooms have sinks and mirrors. Bathrooms and showers are centralized in one area in each hall, dormitory style.

All linens and towels are provided by Mariandale.

For our overnight guests, Mariandale offers:

  • One twin bed
  • Sink and mirror
  • Desk, chair, and desk lamp
  • Reading chair and lamp
  • Closet
  • Window with blinds
  • Fan
  • All linens and towels.

Of our 44 guest rooms, one is a double room with two twin beds and a private half-bathroom.

We make sure that our guests enjoy comfort, privacy, and a quiet environment during their stay. For more information, please contact our Operations Coordinator at

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