The Land at Mariandale

The Center at Mariandale offers 61 acres of meadows, trails, and woods that offer  room to wander and open spaces for contemplation and healing. There is a Nature Trail that runs along the perimeter of the land, high above the Hudson River, with a stunning view of the river and valley.

Did you know that over half of the land at Mariandale has been preserved in a conservation easement with Westchester Land Trust? This means that the land cannot be developed, and protects that land into the future. Read more about this in Preserving Mariandale Land.

Along the Nature Trail, visit the Healing Hut, the gardens, the Labyrinth, and the many trees planted in memory of our friends and loved ones.

From our Labyrinth to our Bee Yard and gardens, Mariandale’s landscape is a living, breathing ecosystem.

The Labyrinth

The seven-circuit labyrinth at Mariandale is situated at the edge of a peaceful wooded area. Its location offers the opportunity for a highly sensate, reflective experience to those who walk its path. This particular design leads journeyers in a quiet, cleansing way toward the center and then, after a brief pause, empowers them on their walk back. Benches that encircle the labyrinth offer walkers the opportunity to sit and reflect on their experiences.

The word “labyrinth” means an intricate network of winding paths. There are many diverse designs. The 7-circuit classical is constructed from a cruciform. It is an archetypal symbol of the life/spiritual journey, a trust walk in search of the inner true self or the Divine and a renewed understanding of life’s meaning and purpose. Labyrinths have been used in every world culture and religious tradition for over 4,000 years.

The Juniper Healing Hut


The Healing Hut was designed by David Robinson, founder of Natural Edge, and former director of Restoration for Central Park in New York City. The juniper wood to make the Hut was hand chosen by David and during the process the wood was endowed through prayer, with healing properties, so that all who enter may receive blessings.

The hut was purchased by friends as a memorial for Sr. Maureen Michael Bergin, OP, a Dominican Sister of Hope who devoted her life to healing and hope for the poor.

Nature Trail

Enjoy the stunning views of the Hudson River and the western banks of the Hudson from our Nature Trail, which winds along the perimeter of the property.  This wood-chipped path offers benches for rest and reflection, and a peaceful, tree-lined environment for your walk.

Swimming Pool and Picnic Grounds

PoolGroups that visit us in the summer may enjoy the swimming pool on the grounds, overlooking the Hudson River, and nearby picnic grounds that provide space to share meals and conversation for small or large groups.

It’s a wonderful space to escape the confines of facilities (and the heat!) and spend some time in the sunlight and water, enjoying the beautiful views of the Hudson River.


Peace Pole

The Peace Pole outside the front entrance to the Mariandale Center was dedicated on July 13, 1991. The inscription, “May peace prevail on Earth” appears in eight languages: English, Spanish, Tibetan, Arabic, Hebrew, Algonquin, Swahili, and animal (paw prints.)

Peace begins in the hearts of minds of each individual. As we learn to honor each other, our environment, animals, and all creation on earth, the vision of global peace through sincere communication will gradually become a natural way of life. By igniting the flame of international friendship through the constant reminder “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” we can stimulate a shift in attitudes in all areas of planetary work–political, environmental, economic, and social.

The Peace Pole project was started in Japan by the Society of Prayer for World Peace. The project was launched with a dedication to uplift humankind toward harmony rather than conflict. War begins with thoughts of war. Peace begins with thoughts of peace. The Peace Pole reminds us to keep peace ever present in our thoughts. To date, friends and supporters have dedicated over 65,000 poles in 84 countries around the world.

Bee Yard

Visit our Bee Yard (with permission and a bee guide) and see a thriving ecosystem at work. Ask at our Reception Desk about a supervised tour of the Bee Yard, as we seek to maintain a calm, peaceful environment for the bees. Visitors to the Bee Yard must be accompanied by a knowledgeable beekeeper.

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