The Land at Mariandale: Hope Community Gardens

The Hope Community Gardens at Mariandale are special, spiritual places for growth and contemplation.  Master gardeners, garden volunteers, and Sisters help us grow fresh, organic food to eat and to share with the local food pantries, so that people in need can have fresh, locally grown vegetables in late summer and fall.

In the Hope Community gardens, we plant vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Food from the gardens is used in the retreat center kitchen and even more is donated throughout the growing season.

Beyond what we grow and donate, the gardening experience at Mariandale embodies the spirituality and participation in care of earth, honoring the primary values of the Dominican Sisters of Hope.  We honor diversity in planting and people, insects and creatures.

Gardening and preparing the soil for growth is an act of embodied spirituality at Mariandale.  It’s a time to slow down, to pay attention, to work with nature, and to give the young plants an optimal environment for growth.

We welcome garden volunteers at Mariandale during the spring and summer. Please visit our Volunteer page  if you are interested in helping with our gardens.  We wish to share this beautiful experience with all who can participate.

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