The Land at Mariandale: The Labyrinth

Sister Mary Schneiders, OP, shares her love of walking the labyrinth. (3:26)

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You also may be interested in our Wednesday Wisdom Labyrinth Walks this Summer at Mariandale, starting Wednesday, June 5. You’ll prepare your intention and walk the labyrinth with knowledge and an internal sense of purpose. Visit this event page to learn more!

The seven-circuit labyrinth at the Center at Mariandale is situated at the edge of a peaceful wooded area. Its location offers the opportunity for a highly sensate, reflective experience to those who walk its path. This particular design leads journeyers in a quiet, cleansing way toward the center and then, after a brief pause, empowers them on their walk back. Benches that encircle the labyrinth offer walkers the opportunity to sit and reflect on their experiences.

The word “labyrinth” means an intricate network of winding paths. There are many diverse designs. The 7-circuit classical is constructed from a cruciform. It is an archetypal symbol of the life/spiritual journey, a trust walk in search of the inner true self or the Divine and a renewed understanding of life’s meaning and purpose.

Labyrinths have been used in every world culture and religious tradition for over 4,000 years.

For more information about the labyrinth or to take a labyrinth walk at Mariandale, please contact

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