Group Retreats

The Center at Mariandale offers group retreats for those looking to break out of a daily routine. Find find time to think, contemplate, pray, walk the land, or or simply enjoy the environment.

We offer many paths to inner growth through spirituality, the arts, eco-spirituality, religion, philosophy, theology, personal development, and meditation. Read more about our group retreat offerings in our Program Calendar.

The center also welcomes nonprofit groups that want to gather to discuss goals and opportunities, or to develop strategic planning for an organization. Visit our planning pages on hosting your meeting or retreat at Mariandale.

Types of group retreats include silent, directed, or guided. Read more about the different kinds of retreats, below, in our group retreat descriptions.

What is a silent retreat?

A silent retreat is an invitation to a contemplative experience, the opportunity to quiet our minds, hearts and bodies so that we might better hear what God is saying to us.  Concretely this means there is thoughtful attention to avoiding noise of any sort, no speaking or otherwise communication with others including silence at meals (soft music provided) in order to maintain the contemplative atmosphere.

What is a directed retreat?

A directed retreat gives participants the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a qualified spiritual director for individually guided prayer. Except for meeting with one’s director and liturgy, the time is spent in silence and prayer.

What is a guided retreat?

A guided retreat is the opportunity for retreatants to meet at least once, usually twice a day, with the presenters for input on a particular theme. The presenters make suggestions for the retreatants’ prayer during the course of the day, usually Scripture passages. Presenters decide whether or not the retreat will be silent.

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