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Welcome to the Center at Mariandale’s Online Community Library. Here, you will find recordings from our Online Community programs, where you can listed to them anytime.

Celebration of the Winter Solstice 2020

Join us for this Celebration of the Winter Solstice, led by Sr. Nancy Erts. In this session, we discuss the history of the Solstice, and its link to other cultures and faiths, and the poetry and song with which we celebrate it. We welcome back the light and the birth of Jesus.

December 21,  2020                   Zoom Video Link

Advent Taize Prayer Online

Join us for this Virtual Advent Taize Prayer Session, led by Srs. Nancy Erts and Linda Rivers.

December 9,  2020                   Zoom Video Link

A Feminist Walk Through Harlem, Celebrating Remarkable Women: A Virtual Tour with Leigh Hallingby

In honor of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States, please join us for a virtual walk through both African American Harlem and Spanish Harlem.

We will stop at the places where accomplished women, ranging from iconic to not so familiar, are honored. Stops include named buildings, murals and mosaics, plaques on the sidewalk, and commemorative street corners. And the women range from A’Lelia Walker to Nicholasa Mohr to Zora Neale Hurston. The tour is about 50 minutes with slides and live commentary, followed by Q&A.

Tour Guide Leigh Hallingby is licensed by the City of New York to be a tour guide. Leigh has long been passionate about exploring New York City’s vast array of neighborhoods on foot. After a long and rewarding career as a non-profit librarian, Leigh now loves being a tour guide and has developed a special interest in showing the Audubon Mural projects in Washington Heights, NY.

October 27, 2020                   Zoom Video Link

Climate Change and the Audubon Mural Project: A Virtual Tour with Leigh Hallingby

Join tour guide Leigh Hallingby as we explore the Audubon Mural Project (“AMP”), a grass roots project to create murals of climate-threatened birds throughout John James Audubon’s old Harlem‐based neighborhood in New York City. The project is inspired by the legacy of the great American bird artist and pioneering ornithologist and is energized by Audubon’s groundbreaking report “Survival By Degrees.” The tour takes place in the Hamilton Heights area of New York City. Please enjoy!

September 8, 2020                   Zoom Video Link

Contemplative Prayer Online, with Gaynell Cronin

Each Thursday, from 11:30am to noon, we gather as spiritual companions seeking God’s guidance. Come join us in prayer for peace, for yourself, for others, and for the world.

July 2, 2020 Zoom Audio Link   Sept. 17 Zoom Audio Link Nov 26 Zoom Audio Link
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Sept. 3 Zoom Audio Link   Nov 12 Zoom Audio Link    
Sept. 10 Zoom Audio Link   Nov 19 Zoom Audio Link    



Reading Sunday Scriptures with a Contemplative Spirit, with Fr. Jack Rathschmidt and Gaynell Cronin

Contemplation, according to Walter Burghardt, S.J., means taking a long, loving look at the real. Utilizing the cultures out of which the bible emerges, we will take a long loving contemplative look at the Sunday scriptures in order both to understand them, and discern how we are called to live them

July 3, 2020 Zoom Audio Link   Sept. 17 Zoom Audio Link Dec  1  
July 10 Zoom Audio Link   Sept. 25 Zoom Audio Link Dec 18  
July 17 Zoom Audio Link   Oct  2 Zoom Audio Link    
July 24 Zoom Audio Link   Oct 9 Zoom Audio Link    
July 31 Zoom Audio Link   Oct 16 Zoom Audio Link    
August 7 Zoom Audio Link   Oct 23 Zoom Audio Link    
August 14 Zoom Audio Link   Oct 30 Zoom Audio Link    
August 21 Zoom Audio Link   Nov 6 Zoom Audio Link    
August 28 Zoom Audio Link   Nov 13 Zoom Audio Link    
Sept. 4 Zoom Audio Link   Nov 20 Zoom Audio Link    
Sept. 11 Zoom Audio Link   Dec 4 Zoom Audio Link    





Reading Pema Chodron, with Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP

Reading Pema Chodron, Part 1 Encore   Audio link to Zoom presentation 

Reading Pema Chodron, Part 2               Audio link to Zoom presentation Sr. Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP



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