Canceled: Resilience for Caregivers

This workshop is designed to help caregivers take care of themselves while caring for others. The natural stresses of day-to-day can become overwhelming, particularly when someone cared for is in the throes of experiencing a health, or emotional crisis.

Resilience Care is an approach to care giving that incorporates mindfulness practice, presence and awareness. In this series, you will discover the resilient impact that compassionate action has for both caregiver and for those who receive the benefit of that care. Neuroscience research has demonstrated the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness-based techniques in person centered healing. This may include care for the caregiver as well as others in need of wellness. Mindfulness practices are explored and used, particularly by humanitarian aid workers and care teams in educational, medical and home based environments.

In this workshop, we will explore the history of healing from a research based, cultural and spiritual perspective. We will mindfully discuss adverse childhood experiences that impact on care-giving, and explore experiential contemplative strategies and methods to alleviate stress through:

  • Knowing What You Value
  • Embodying Presence
  • Cultivating Interdependent Awareness
  • Broadening Systemic Communication Modalities
  • Balancing Individual Capacity vs. Need

Who Should Attend

Professionals working in care environments, including doctors, nurses, counselors, educators, physician assistants, social workers, chaplains, volunteers and Aid workers. Family members who are directly responsible for the care of a loved one would benefit by these workshops as well.

Date & Time:We are no longer offering this program.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please visit our program calendar for a list of upcoming programs.

Presenter: Joy Baum, MSEd, PD

Fee: $60 (includes lunch)


About the Presenter:

Joy Baum MSEd, PD, brings her many years of experience in integrated contemplative education and counseling to members of the local and international community. She is senior leader of the Tergar Meditation Community in Garrison , NY, Clinical Professor of Education at Queens College; CUNY & Educational Co-Director & Consultant at Inhabit Retreats LLC. 

Sunday Morning Qigong

On the Grounds of Mariandale

Qigong is a moving meditation practice that has been used for thousands of years to promote vitality and longevity. Sometimes referred to as Chinese or Daoism Yoga, it combines breath practice with moving meditation. Ancient practitioners studied the natural world and the changing seasons and recognized how the same energetic changes they observed in nature also occur in predictable cycles during our lives. Qigong applies this knowledge to bring mind, body, and spirit into alignment with Universal energy.

Qigong is a health cultivation/restorative discipline that is accessible to everybody. It can be practiced anywhere, and requires no special equipment.

All are welcome to attend, no prior experience necessary. No particular attire is required, only to dress comfortably.

Dates & Times: Sunday Mornings Aug. 12, 19 & 26 from 10am-11am

Presenter: David Nahon

Fee: $15 per session



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