Cancelled – Connecting Prayer with Personality

Learn more about yourself and spend an adventurous day discovering how the Myers-Briggs Typology Inventory can help you gain insight into some of your basic personality traits. We will learn how these traits influence the form of prayer that you’re attracted to, nurtured by, and challenged by. We will reflect on input, share questions and new understandings, and spend time practicing the prayer form that facilitates our personal spiritual growth.

Date & Time: Sat., Jan. 18, from 10am to 3pm

Presenter: Nancy Erts, OP

Fee: $60 (includes lunch)

About the Presenter:

Nancy Erts, OP is a Dominican Sister of Hope and the program specialist at the Center at Mariandale. She holds degrees in education and theology and has completed additional work in psychology, holistic and eco-spirituality. She has been involved in the ministry of adult spiritual development for over 35 years.

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