Soulful Women’s Retreat

The Soulful women’s retreat will feature quiet time in nature and play time in the pool overlooking the Hudson. Come sit “in the circle” and remember how to feed your soul. There will be both group and self-guided exercises to help you get in touch with your heart’s desire.  Candlelight labyrinth walks will follow the Hudson River sunsets. In addition, enjoy sound healing, reiki and many reasons to smile. The Soulful Women’s Retreat is an experience you will always treasure.

Dates & Time: Fri., Aug. 21 at 5pm through Sun., Aug. 23 at 1pm

Presenter: Kacey Morabito Grean

Fee: $275 (all inclusive)


About the Presenter: 

Kacey Morabito Grean is host of the popular podcast “Shine On”, retreat leader, inspirational speaker, and advanced reiki practitioner. In her weekly podcast, reminding you “You are a miraculous creature capable of great things” is at the heart of all she does.


A Retreat With Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen

Our retreat guides will be two spiritual giants who understood our lives and the deepest longings of our hearts. The times in which we live demand imagination, seeing God, the world and ourselves in a new way. Merton and Nouwen were open to the Spirit that brought them to new and unexpected places. Their writings and spirits will guide us during this retreat.

Join us for this very special retreat at Mariandale, enjoy the summer breeze, pool and grounds overlooking the majestic Hudson River!


Date and Time: Sun., July 12, at 5pm through Fri., July 17, at 1pm

Presenter: Fr. Anthony Ciorra, PhD

Fee: $595 (all inclusive)



About the Presenter:

Fr. Anthony Ciorra is currently the Vice President for Mission and Catholic Identity and Professor of Theology and Catholic Studies at Sacred Heart University, F airfield, Connecticut. Previously, he was Dean of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University, Director of the Center of Theological and Spiritual Development at the College of St. Elizabeth and the Director for the Center for Spiritual Development in the Archdiocese of New York. He gives workshops and retreats throughout the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. He is actively involved in creating programs for inter-religious dialogue among Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Crafters’ and Quilters’ Retreat: Creating with Joy and Laughter

Enjoy exploring with other creative women the care free joys of summer. Use your imagination and senses to convey the joyful pattern or design of “little fishes” in the deep blue sea, either by quilting, or use another crafting medium. Our morning and evening prayer will focus on experiencing the happiness and joy of life’s ‘sunny side’. There are also opportunities for swimming, hiking and games. Patterns for Quilters’ will be sent upon registration. All participants, please bring the basic equipment needed for your project.

Date & Time: Wed., July 8, at 3pm to Sun. July 12, 2020 at 3pm

Prayer Facilitator: Nancy Erts, OP

Craft Instructor: Patricia Werner

Fee: $375 – $400 (as you are able)

Commuters: $275 – $300 (as you are able)


About the Presenters:

Nancy Erts, OP is a Dominican Sister of Hope and the program specialist at the Center at Mariandale. She holds degrees in education and theology and has completed additional work in psychology, holistic and eco-spirituality. she has been involved in the ministry of adult spiritual development for over 35 years.

Patricia Werner learned to sew in 1965 at St. Joseph’s Mission in Texas, where she also taught migrant Mexican women how to turn simple scraps of fabric into beautiful garments for children. Patricia began quilting in 1998, and now leads quilting and craft workshops and retreats.

Mandala: A Mindful, Creative Practice

The mandala is a symmetrical design that has historically appeared in art forms, architecture and ceremonies around the world. This day retreat is designed to introduce participants to the experience and practice of creating their own, unique expression. The creative process, shared with others, can be a powerful experience and is an art technique that is accessible to everyone.

When creating a personal mandala, full attention is placed on the experience, in the present moment. A completed mandala is a guiding means for meditation and self-reflection; we can see ourselves, with perspective and compassion.

Date & Time: Sat., May 2, from 9:30am to 4:00pm
Presenter: Peg Considine
Fee: $75


About the Presenter 

Peg Considine BFA, M.Ed.  taught visual art for twenty years, emphasizing the creative process as an expression of self,. she has found the mandala an accessible and transformative art form. Peg currently leads mandala retreats throughout New England.

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