Merton and Me: A Living Trinity

Join us for a very special afternoon of storytelling, and witness one young man’s life-changing encounter with the writings of Thomas Merton.

Performance runs 80 min with no intermission. A Q&A session with Doug Hertler will follow.

Douglas Hertler, aka Doug Lory, is a professional actor, tour guide, and retreat leader. He is also a member of the International Thomas Merton Society (ITMS)

A powerful interplay between the true self (who I am), the false self (who I project myself to be or the only self I know myself to be), and the voice of Thomas Merton (a voice of wisdom) challenging me to be the self I am called to be – the transformed self. Superbly acted, mirroring the complexity of the human person, celebrating the role of the wisdom person who we need to meet in our lives. Doug challenges us to find that person.” – Father Carl Arico

Merton and Me is a work of art. It left me speechless. The writing and acting took tremendous courage. Doug said the unsayable on the page and shared it on the stage. I am in awe.” – Cynthia Allen

Doug has created a contemporary Seven Story Mountain in theatrical form.” – Carol A. Joyce, Phd

Merton and Me is an act of storytelling which explores the dynamics of the false self as seen through the eyes of an actor whose very vocation called him to become someone other than himself.

Written and presented by Douglas Hertler (known professionally as Doug Lory), it depicts his unexpected and life-changing encounter with the writings of Thomas Merton, most notably Merton’s classic No Man Is an Island. While the conflicting personalities of Douglas Hertler and Doug Lory struggle to understand the true nature of their respective identities, Thomas Merton appears and reappears, creating a synergy of spirit and psyche that serves as a mirror into the soul.

Date & Time: Sunday, March 15, 2020 from 2pm to 5pm

Presenter: Douglas Hertler (AKA Doug Lory)

Fee: $25


About the Presenter: 

Douglas Hertler (AKA Doug Lory) holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech/Communication/Theater from Monmouth University. He is a professional actor, retreat leader, licensed NYC tour guide, as well as an actor/educator at Fordham University School of Law. Doug is a member of the International Thomas Merton Society (ITMS), the ITMS NYC Chapter, and the American Teilhard Association.


Prophet Jesus and the Virgin Mary in Islam

This presentation will cover how revered and important the Prophet Jesus and the Virgin Mary are to Muslims. The Virgin Mary is the only woman that has a chapter or Surah (19th) named after her in the Quran, the holy book for Muslims. The Surah (Chapter) is called Maryam (Mary).

There will be a PowerPoint Presentation, followed by question and answer (Q&A) and conversation. Refreshments will be served.

Date & Time: Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019 from 2 – 5pm
Presenter: Ola Nosseir
Fee: Free will donation (please register so we know you plan to attend)

Please click here for free online registration

About the Presenter

Ola Nosseir is Founder of Our Common Beliefs, where her vision is to share the commonality between the Abrahamic faiths from the Islamic perspective by doing various presentations on Islam. She began Our Common Beliefs in March 2017 after several hate crimes. She has been giving presentations since 2001. She is a member of the interfaith committee of her Masjid (mosque in Arabic), UWMS (Upper Westchester Muslim Society She was asked to represent UWMS in BOMA (the Briarcliff/Ossining Ministerial Association) since 2001. She has been teaching beginning Arabic for over 10 years in two local weekend schools. She also began her own business, The Arabic Sound Game,, where she teaches conversational/beginning Arabic.



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