The Joyful Partnership of Tea and Poetry

Mindfulness and Empowerment Retreat

Meeting Christ in Prayer Weekend Retreat

This weekend retreat is designed for participants to grow in relationship with Christ by experiencing His love through Scripture and sharing with each other.

The sessions will focus on: Plan of God in my life; Early life of Jesus; Jesus’ Public Ministry; Passion and Death of Christ; The Risen Christ; Doing the work of Christ; and Celebrating the Journey with Christ.

Individuals may be familiar with the 19th Annotation, which is a 30- day retreat of the Ignation Spiritual Exercises. This session is known as the 18th Annotation, which is an abbreviated experience and also follows the life of Christ.

Each session will consist of an Opening Prayer; Orientation of the prayers and prayer type (imaginative prayer, Lectio Divina) to be reflected upon; Faith Sharing; Closing Prayer.  You will need to bring your own Bible, as you will be praying with different Scripture passages and then reflecting on them. Please bring a journal or notebook to capture any personal faith discoveries.

Date & Time: Friday, July 26, through Sun., July 28, from 1pm to 7pm
Presenter: Joan McGovern
Fee: $275 (all inclusive)


About the Presenter:

Joan McGovern is a Spiritual Director and currently pursuing a MA in Theology, at St. Joseph’s Seminary and College. Joan has been facilitating bereavement support groups at Rockville Center diocesan parishes since 2015 and is a Eucharistic Minister. She realized the movement of the Holy Spirit and is continuing to follow the invitation toward a deeper faith journey.

Jungian Series: Healing Response to Church Crisis Conference

This conference will attempt to both articulate the depth of crisis of the Church and potential healing responses. The misuse of power, child abuse, and the collective shadow has erupted into the public. A new reformation is needed for the transformation of the institution in a spirit of truth and reconciliation.

Date & Time: Thurs., July 18 at 5:00pm through Sun., July 21 at 10:00am
Presenter: Don Bisson
Fee: $350 (all inclusive)


About the Presenter:

Brother Don Bisson, FMS is, first and foremost, a spiritual director and is widely respected as a specialist in the training, formation and supervision of spiritual directors.

A Marist brother based in Esopus, New York, he has graduate degrees in liturgy, spirituality, and transpersonal psychology, and earned his Doctor of Ministry at the Pacific School of Religion specializing in Spiritual Direction and Jungian Psychology.  With more than 70 live audio recordings available, Brother Bisson is internationally recognized for his lectures, workshops, and retreats on the interrelationship of Christian spirituality and Jungian psychology.

His soulful humanity makes Don attractive to the hundreds of people who find their way to virtually everything he offers.  He is a man committed to “walking the talk.”  From this commitment comes a grounded wisdom and an authentic humility.  His gems of wisdom have been formed in the heat and pressure of the deep underground passage of his own healing journey in God.  Compassion for what it means to be human is the result, alongside clarity about the compelling call of the Spirit to “wake up” and participate consciously in God’s purposes in our world.  This waking up is not an achievement but a process that invites him–and us–into a transformation that is ongoing.

Mandala: Creating from the Center

The mandala is a symmetrical design that has historically appeared in art forms, architecture and ceremonies around the world. During the retreat individual mandalas are created as a form of self-expression and personal insight. Full attention is placed on the creative experience, in the present moment. A completed mandala can be a source for meditation and reflection.

Date & Time: Fri., July 12 at 5:00pm through Sun., July 14 at 1:00pm
Presenter: Peg Considine
Fee: $300


About the Presenter 

Peg Considine is a licensed educator and artist, she holds a BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Master of Education from Elms College. She taught visual art for twenty years, emphasizing the creative process as an expression of self. Peg has found the mandala to be an accessible and transformative art form. She currently leads mandala retreats throughout New England.

A Summer Retreat for Writers

A Writer’s Spiritual Path to Success

The Work of Byron Katie

Exploring Epiphany through Poetry and Poem-Making Weekend Retreat

This moment of surprising yourself with your own words, or of being surprised by the poems of others, is at the heart of poetry as epiphany.  This experience of creative insight helps you to recognize in yourself a deeper, more resonant voice that has been discouraged, hidden away, or perhaps is yet to be discovered or rediscovered!

Please join us in this weekend retreat, as we explore the breadth and depth of “epiphany” (which comes from the Greek “epiphaneia,” meaning “appearance” or “manifestation.”) It refers to revelations given by the gods.

Some questions that are part of our exploration: Could letting go of self-judgment deepen my practice of listening to what God wants me to discover?

Please register early to reserve your spot; the weekend retreat is limited to 22 participants.

Date & Time: Fri., March 15 at 5pm through Sun., March 17 at 1pm
Presenter: John Fox
Fee: $250 (all inclusive)


About the Presenter:

John Fox, Poetry Therapist, is a poet, educator, and author. His books include, Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity through Poem-Making (1995) and Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making (1997). His work is featured in the 2008 PBS documentary Healing Words: Poetry & Medicine. John has taught as associate adjunct professor in CA. at Institutes and Universities over the last 25 years. He is President of The Institute for Poetic Medicine, a nonprofit, which provides poetry-as-healer to marginalized communities and people across the United States.

Writing Weekend to Care for the Soul

Do you wish for a weekend just for yourself? This weekend writing retreat will offer time for personal reflection, relaxed writing workshops, time for journaling, walks, and sharing of work. Enjoy, in quiet and peaceful surroundings, a time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Whether you are an experienced writer, just beginning a journal, or simply want to relax and listen to the work of other writers, this retreat is a gift to the self. Bring your laptop, or a notebook and pen, and be prepared to get your ideas on the page.

Date & Time: Thurs., March 7 at 5pm through Sun., March 10 at 1pm
Presenter: Magie Dominic
Fee: $350 (all inclusive)



About the Presenter

Magie Dominic, writer and artist, studied at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and lives in New York. Her memoirs, The Queen of Peace Room and Street Angel, have been nominated for the Canadian Women’s Studies Award, Book of the Year Award/Memoir – ForeWord Magazine, the Judy Grahn Award and received the Silver Medal from the Independent Publishers Book Award, 2017.

She was nominated for the Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Award and co-authored H. M. Koutoukas Remembered by His Friends, Eco Poetry, and Belles Lettres/Beautiful Letters. She has written for the Toronto Globe and Mail and The Village Voice

Her writing and art archives are with New York University Fales Library Permanent Collection and her theater archives are with New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. Her artwork has been exhibited in Toronto and New York, including a presentation at The United Nations.

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