Virginia Connors, OP
Honoree, Hope Harvest 2024

“There is a season and a reason for everything under the Sun,” says Sr. Ginny as she reflects on the various directions her life has taken her in her 60 years as a member of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville, NY.  In this span of time she taught on the elementary and high school levels. At the invitation of Sr. Kathryn King,  she established the massage program at Mariandale in 1992, after achieving her New York State License. 

Raised in Brooklyn as the youngest of four children, Sr. Ginny knew in 7th grade that she wanted to become a religious sister.  At a retreat during her senior year of high school, while praying for some direction in her life, she remembers well the sense of peace she had in her decision to become a Dominican sister at Amityville.  Two years later, after studying Physical Education at Brooklyn College, she joined the community.  She later completed her undergraduate studies at York College and received a master’s degree in Physical education from Montclair State.  After five years of teaching elementary school in Freeport, she went on to serve as the Physical Education teacher at Dominican Commercial High School for twenty seven years.

“The summer of ’88 I experienced my first massage and during it I felt another calling,” Sr. Ginny shared. She studied massage at the New Center for Wholistic Health in Manhasset and then oriental medicine at the AMMA Center.  By 1992 she was a New York State-certified massage therapist at Mariandale with ten regular clients.  Today, after 32 years of dedicated service, she has jam-packed weeks of appointments and she now totals over 3000 therapy appointments in the course of her tenure here. Her many clients speak of her healing touch and how instrumental she has been to their lives as they have dealt with physical, spiritual and emotional pain.

Sr. Ginny has a deep gratitude for her loving family, as well as her spiritual directors and mentors who have shaped her life.  She is especially appreciative of the influence of her father who passed on his devotion to the Blessed Mother and of her religious life sponsor, Sr. Thomas Aquinas, OP, who guided and directed her throughout her religious life.  Sr. Ginny summarizes her ministry by saying, “I realize that God has called me to bring healing to the brokenhearted and I firmly believe God directs people to me, especially those that are in need of healing.  I pray each day that I can be present to and bring the presence of God to all those I meet in ministry.”

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