The Land at Mariandale: The Meadows

The meadows at Mariandale are ever changing, and support the land’s ecosystem, benefit pollinators, and allow the Earth and its creatures to flourish with native plants and flowers.

At the Center at Mariandale, we “keep” a meadow on the east side of the land that grows from early spring to late fall.  Native plants and pollinators abound, and encourage our turtles, butterflies, bird, and other wildlife populations.  This land also helps with soil erosion and water retention.

No Mow Zones

We care for Earth by allowing some parts of the land to revert to meadow. Not cutting the grass reduces our carbon footprint. Also, higher grasses are more drought resistant and absorb more stormwater, improving water quality in the Hudson River. Meadows attract a variety of plant and animal life, including pollinators and butterflies. As you walk the land, take time to notice and appreciate the abundance and diversity of Creation.

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