Spiritual Direction

Compass in hands in the woodsDo you want to better understand your spiritual journey? Would you like to examine your life choices with greater spiritual insight?

Meeting regularly with a professionally trained spiritual director enables you to expand your spiritual life and journey with God.

Spiritual direction is an ongoing process wherein a person meets regularly – perhaps every four to six weeks for about an hour –with a trained spiritual director.

The process focuses on God’s presence and movement in a person’s life as revealed through prayer, relationships, and the events of the individual’s life.

Spiritual direction is a journey of three presences: God, a qualified spiritual director, and a directee. The director explores with the directee where God has been present in the various areas of the person’s life.

The aim of spiritual direction is to deepen the directee’s relationship with God. Generally, one meets with a spiritual director once a month.

The Center at Mariandale has a number of experienced spiritual directors available for sessions.  We also offers Group Spiritual Direction in our brochure.

Please contact the Center at Mariandale’s Program Specialist, Nancy Erts, OP, at nerts@ophope.org for guidance and details about spiritual direction at Mariandale.

Payment for Spiritual Direction:

If you choose to send payment for spiritual direction to the Center at Mariandale, you can use this link to make a safe, secure online payment with a debit or credit card.

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