The Land at Mariandale: The Peace Pole

Sister Patricia Jelly, OP, describes the origin and meaning of the Peace Pole on Mariandale land. (3:14)

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The Peace Pole outside the front entrance to the Mariandale Center was dedicated on July 13, 1991. The inscription, “May peace prevail on Earth” appears in eight languages: English, Spanish, Tibetan, Arabic, Hebrew, Algonquin, Swahili, and animal (paw prints.)

Peace begins in the hearts of minds of each individual. As we learn to honor each other, our environment, animals, and all creation on earth, the vision of global peace through sincere communication will gradually become a natural way of life. By igniting the flame of international friendship through the constant reminder “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” we can stimulate a shift in attitudes in all areas of planetary work–political, environmental, economic, and social.

The Peace Pole project was started in Japan by the Society of Prayer for World Peace. The project was launched with a dedication to uplift humankind toward harmony rather than conflict. War begins with thoughts of war. Peace begins with thoughts of peace. The Peace Pole reminds us to keep peace ever present in our thoughts. To date, friends and supporters have dedicated over 65,000 poles in 84 countries around the world.

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