Soulful Women’s Retreat

The Soulful women’s retreat will feature quiet time in nature and play time in the pool overlooking the Hudson. Come sit “in the circle” and remember how to feed your soul. There will be both group and self-guided exercises to help you get in touch with your heart’s desire.  Candlelight labyrinth walks will follow the Hudson River sunsets. In addition, enjoy sound healing, reiki and many reasons to smile. The Soulful Women’s Retreat is an experience you will always treasure.

Dates & Time: Fri., Aug. 21 at 5pm through Sun., Aug. 23 at 1pm

Presenter: Kacey Morabito Grean

Fee: $275 (all inclusive)


About the Presenter: 

Kacey Morabito Grean is host of the popular podcast “Shine On”, retreat leader, inspirational speaker, and advanced reiki practitioner. In her weekly podcast, reminding you “You are a miraculous creature capable of great things” is at the heart of all she does.


Being Here: Life Itself is an Unimaginable Gift

Life itself is an unimaginable gift. Even as we meet its challenges, the things that move our hearts and break our hearts, the griefs and losses, they are never the end of the story. Within every circumstance is a deeper dimension that exceeds what we’re going through. As author Andrew Harvey writes, “Our shared planetary future depends on our taking-alone and together and soon- the journey into love.” Join Paula D’Arcy as she presents a very special silent retreat weekend.

Date & Time: Fri., June 26 at 5pm through Sun., June 28 at 1pm

Presenter: Paula D’Arcy

Fee: $395 (all inclusive)


About the Presenter:

Paula D’Arcy, MEd in counseling psychology, author, speaker, retreat director, president of Red Bird Foundation, and adjunct faculty at Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX, is a well-known author of 13 books, and has also toured for ten years preforming in an original play. She is an internationally recognized speaker and retreat facilitator. In 2001, she founded Red Bird Foundation, which supports those in need of healing.

The Seven Pillars of Forgiveness

People often ask “How do I actually start the process of forgiveness?

Are there any practical things I can do? ”This weekend retreat offers profound access into our ability to forgive, through a depth of content and experiential processes – connected with:

The Seven Pillars of Forgiveness:  Understanding, Freedom, Remedy, Warmth, Enhancement, Hope and Continuance.  

“Where there is no forgiveness, wounds cannot heal.”

The pervasiveness of the lack of forgiveness of self and others is one of the biggest secrets of the human race.  We walk around looking like we have it together and yet, almost every human being struggles with forgiveness issues during the course of their lives.  For example, a mother who cannot forgive herself for mistreating her child; a person suffering from a painful divorce and inability to forgive one’s ex-partner; someone unable to resolve a  grinding resentment toward a friend or co-worker; or groups that continually recycle historical conflicts.

Some can find it hard to understand the extraordinary gift of forgiveness.  And yet, when a person is approaching their deathbed, often their greatest fear is not the physical pain, but the emotional pain of what they have not been able to resolve, forgive, let go of.

But our purpose as humans is not just too forever replay our ancestors’ levels of consciousness and response, but to walk a path of refinement – a path that leads towards kindness, understanding, forbearance…  But it is not easy sometimes to leave history behind; to let go of wounds from the past. This work on forgiveness is to help us humans walk that path of finding a better way; to bring deep healing and spiritual uplift.  Forgiveness is not the end in itself – but it is the necessary work needed to walk through a door that liberates us into being truly human and being able to be agents of something higher; of the future; of refinement

Dates & Time:  Fri, May 15, at 5:00 pm through Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Presenter:  Eileen McGowan, Elizabeth Lyell and Carla Ascoytia from Feminenza North America

Fee: $275 (all inclusive weekend)


About the Presenter: 

Eileen McGowan is a Co-Founder of Feminenza North America and is passionate about humanity and its future. she has facilitated 9-day forgiveness seminars and trauma healing workshops in the US, Kenya, Israel and Ireland, along with facilitating a young women’s leadership program at Peekskill High School in New York.

Elizabeth Lyell is a Co-Founder of Feminenza North America. She served on FNA’s board as Education Director from its inception in 2008 until 2013. She has conducted Forgiveness workshops in the US, Canada, and England, and has helped to facilitate 9-day training workshops in the US and Kenya.  Earlier in her career, she taught Philosophy at college level (12 years), and also worked with K-12 students and teachers in the area of reasoning skills. Presently, in addition to promoting Feminenza’s programs, she is a Washington state certified counselor, in private practice since 2013. She has an MA in Philosophy, an MA in Teaching Philosophy at K-12 level, and a PhD in Mythological & Religious Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology.

Carla Ascoytia is currently the president and chairperson for Feminenza North America.  She is a published contributor to peer reviewed articles on medical qualitative research in the areas of Quality of Life and Behavioral Health, and has conducted focus groups, individual interviews and panel discussions internationally. Her advocacy work has included behavioral health, suicide prevention, hospice, inmate visitations and domestic violence in addition to training in the Feminenza Understanding and Managing Fear and Forgiveness programs.   For the past 15 years, Carla was employed as a Senior Research Manager for Patient Reported Outcomes.

Feminenza North America is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization

The Healing Circle

Join us on the second Monday of each month from 1 -2:30 pm for a restorative energy healing experience. The purpose of meeting in Circle is with the intention to hold everyone in a sacred space with the desire of nurturing ourselves as part of a healthier humanity. Presenters are trained in a variety of energy based therapies. Energy healing practitioners will be providing an abbreviated treatment for all participants. This shared modality increases compassion for oneself and others and supports a shift from surviving to thriving.

Date & Time: Second Monday of each Month- from 1pm to 2:30pm

Presenters: Beryl Hay and Virginia Bartlett

Fee: $20 per session


About the Presenters

Virginia Bartlett is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and draws on 30 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, in Reiki and other modalities.  Virginia is part of the Healing Circle at Mariandale and also available for private Healing Touch sessions upon request.

Beryl Hay began her career at IBM, and transitioned to the nonprofit area. She transformed herself into the holistic world through independent study courses, continuing education credits, and Traditional Reiki teachings.


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