The ‘Me’ in Memoir

A Writer’s Spiritual Path to Success

The Alchemy of Memoir

When you write your memoir, you turn pain into healing, confusion into insight, life into art. You witness the corner of the world that fate entrusted to you.

Come learn to shape your story and make it sing on the page at this two-day retreat. Envision the difference your book can make. Bring paper and pen or a laptop. Perfect for new or  struggling memoirists.

Date & Time: Sat., Oct. 6, at 10am to Mon., Oct. 8 at 1pm
Presenter: Lorraine Ash
Fee: $250


About the Presenter:

Lorraine Ash, MA, is a book editor, author, coach, and editorial director of Cape House Books. She has penned two memoirs: Life Touches Life: A Mother’s Story of Stillbirth and Healing and Self and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life. Lorraine studied at Fordham University.

A Public Talk: Writing Our Relationship with Trees

Writing Our Relationship with Trees: What This Can Teach Us About Ourselves and Living Within the Sacred

In our workaday world, we are no longer present to the natural world in any manner. We no longer see trees as other beings to commune with. We are not taught to make that connection, not encouraged to speak of trees this way”.~ Thomas Berry on Our Broken Connection to the Natural World

This public talk by John Cox, at 7 pm on Fri., Aug. 31, introduces a weekend retreat on Writing Our Relationship with Trees: What This Can Teach Us About Ourselves and Living Within the Sacred.

You can choose to attend the public talk on Friday at 7pm, or start the weekend retreat on Friday, August 31 at 5pm that runs through Sunday, Sept. 2, at 1pm. For more information on the weekend retreat, please visit 

A Public Talk, Conversation and Mini-Workshop: Open to all, Fri., Aug. 31 from 7 to 9:30pm. Fee: $25 (Friday only)

A Retreat For Writing Our Relationship With Trees: Friday, Aug. 31 at 5pm to Sun., Sept. 2 at 1pm.  Fee: $250 (whole weekend) includes all meals and overnight accommodations.

To register for the Public Talk:

Date & Time: Friday, August 31, at 7pm (Talk only)
Presenter: John Cox
Fee: $25


About the Presenter: 

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